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what is a chart of accountsBookkeeping
December 1, 2023

What is a Chart of Accounts & Why Does Your Business Need One? | Acuity

Managing finances can overwhelm even the most experienced entrepreneur. The good news is there's a handy tool to give you greater financial clarity: say hello to a chart of accounts.…
AcuityCon group picEvents
November 7, 2023

AcuityCon 2023: Our Fifth Annual Conference

The fifth annual AcuityCon has come and gone again! We couldn't be more grateful for the lasting connections we made with our team and our tech partners. Keep on scrolling…
cash vs accrual accountingAccounting
November 1, 2023

Cash vs Accrual Accounting: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Choosing the Right Accounting Method

Imagine scaling your business successfully, only to find that your accounting method is holding you back.  Choosing between cash vs accrual accounting is more than just bookkeeping—it can shape your…

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