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Financial Reporting & Forecasting

We run financial health checks and leverage financial reports, budgets, and forecasts to optimize your growth. With financial strategies tailored to your business, you can boost profits, cut expenses, and plan for the future.

Strategic Planning For Growth

Our strategic planning will help you tackle new risks and grow. Whether you’re managing debt or raising capital, our team specializes in designing in-depth financial plans aligned with your business objectives.

Full-Spectrum & Flexible Support

We’re equipped to assist you with wherever your business takes you – talking with investors, establishing a line of credit, getting into the weeds of your pricing strategy, and helping with a merger or acquisition.


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Why you’ll love having a virtual CFO

95% of companies aren’t large enough to afford, or even need, a full-time CFO. But establishing company-wide objectives — from policies and procedures to programs and practices aimed at continuous growth — is something that every business needs. That’s where our virtual CFOs come in.

Starting at $275/hour, your virtual CFO will be dedicated to your team, there to support, nurture, and grow your big picture ideas into reality. Your business deserves a dedicated team member focused on key financial matters so that you can rest easy knowing you’re heading in the right direction.

Here’s what our clients are saying.

Acuity was affordable when we were bootstrapped and needed some help, but they’ve also been able to scale with us as we’ve grown. We’ve used them for ongoing bookkeeping, but we also worked with one of their virtual CFOs to help us build a financial model to present to investors when we were raising our Series A.

Jeremy HaleCEO of Sideqik

Acuity knows startups. We used their virtual CFO and controller services as well as their A/P and fixed-fee bookkeeping and were very pleased with the level of service and results. Matthew and Kenji are not only pros at what they do; they’re entrepreneurs themselves who are very active in the Atlanta ecosystem. They have my unqualified recommendation!

Brian DallyCo-Founder & CEO of GROUNDFLOOR

We don’t currently have a CFO or full-time accountant, so we rely on Acuity to help us keep our finances documented and organized. The biggest benefit is our private Slack channel with the Acuity team. Our team uses Slack for all daily communications, and Acuity’s team members on the shared channel (Nicolette Green especially) help us streamline questions around payments and invoices, for example. Shane Klima is also impressively fast to respond to our needs.

Chris FederspielCEO of Blackthorn

We refer a lot of our startups to Acuity. We know the financials and reporting will be correct and our investors rely on this information. It’s always a great feeling to know I can call either Matthew or Kenji directly since they are both so involved in the startup community in Atlanta. They really understand any situation and can provide solid advice.

Blake PattonManaging Partner & Founder of Tech Square Ventures

We started using Acuity for payroll and then payment processing. As we grew, we needed help keeping up with our books. Now we have a virtual CFO and fractional controller. Acuity has been able to come alongside us every step of the way to be the consistent expert through every stage of growth. They have been an irreplaceable part of our business who has definitely been able to grow and scale with us.

Andrew McConnellCEO of

Acuity has been a great partner to grow with us from zero to over $100,000 in MRR. They keep us on track and we know we can trust them. As any startup with investors knows, our books need to be accurate so our investor and board can see how the business is truly performing. Acuity knows this space really well and has strategically helped us navigate the numbers and ensure they are accurate. They’re really responsive, so when our partners or board members have questions I know I can get answers quickly. Their price is fair – to be able to depend on your books and know they are completely accurate at all times? That is invaluable to me.

David Moeller

Eager to boost your growth?

Call on our virtual CFOs.

Your hard work has paid off, and your business is thriving. But growth brings new challenges. Our virtual CFOs, each armed with over 25 years of expertise, are here to help you navigate them with confidence.

Tailored Strategies: Every business is unique. That’s why our virtual CFOs take the time to understand yours. From launching a new product to navigating daily challenges, we utilize financial modeling to craft solutions that fit just right with your business and industry.

Stay Ahead: Growth means more numbers and decisions. Our CFOs use strategic planning to help you see beyond the figures and make moves that keep you a step ahead of competitors.

Plan for Tomorrow, Today: Financial surprises? Not on our watch. With sharp forecasting, equity capitalization, and advice on debt and capital raises, we pave the way for steady growth, ensuring your business thrives in the long run.

Board and Investor Relations: We help you foster connections with important stakeholders, providing board prep and reporting. Our focus is always on transparent communication and trust.

Always Here for You: Big decision or small, when you need a guiding hand or a second opinion, our virtual CFOs are just a call away, ensuring your journey is as smooth as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should you hire a virtual CFO for startups?

Often times businesses try to bring on a full-time CFO too quickly, and they end up functioning like a very expensive bookkeeper or controller. CFOs should handle essential operational tasks that ensure your company can continue to move forward.

We recommend bringing a fractional CFO on board when you start needing help with these tasks. A fractional CFO is a virtual CFO that you can pay on an as-needed basis, rather than hiring a full-time CFO.

How much does a virtual CFO cost?

A full-time CFO might set you back about $250,000 annually. With our virtual CFO services, you gain that CFO expertise without the full-time cost.

Need short-term expertise? Our virtual CFO pricing begins at $275 an hour.

Need more long-term strategic help? For $4,000 per month, or less than $50,000 per year, you can get weekly CFO insights.

How much does a fractional CFO cost?

“Fractional CFO” and “virtual CFO” are terms that are typically used interchangeably. At Acuity, when we talk about fractional and virtual CFOs, we’re referring to the same team members.

So, all of that said – see above for the answer to your cost question!

Your Complete Accounting Team

In addition to virtual CFOs, we also offer bookkeeping, controller, and tax CPA services to fulfill all of your accounting needs.


For financial record-keeping


For accounting management


For tax planning & filing

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