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AcuityCon 2023: Our Fifth Annual Conference

The fifth annual AcuityCon has come and gone again! We couldn’t be more grateful for the lasting connections we made with our team and our tech partners.

Keep on scrolling for some highlights from this year’s conference.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

The Agenda


Company Updates

Our Co-Founders Kenji Kuramoto and Matthew May kicked off AcuityCon with company updates, which included shoutouts, awards, achievements, and more.


Also, your eyes are right – those are Matthew’s Falcons pajamas! It was too good of an opportunity to pass up since it went right along with this year’s intro video:

Toxic Traits

Speaking of videos…we can’t forget to include this year’s TikTok challenge: toxic traits. Enjoy!

Yummy Food & Drinks

Trade Show

Our trade show is always a big hit! Everyone loves “Roving Matthew,” a popular character at the trade show each year.

But of course, none of the trade show would be possible without our wonderful tech partners. Thank you to everyone who attended. Those in-person smiles, paired with sweet company merch, can’t be beat!

Session Recordings