Shiela studied at the University of Mindanao in the Philippines and graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology. She finished her school on April 2014 and months after graduation, she got her first job as a cashier of a marketing company for almost 5 years.

She has been seeking an opportunity to grow her career and knowledge so she decided to look for other opportunities and new working environment.

She is now working as a Virtual Accountant and looking forward to working for many more years. She loves her new job because aside from gaining more understanding and knowledge about accounting, she learns new ways of doing accounting with the help of the advanced technologies, using different sophisticated applications and software.

She is happily married and has a beautiful daughter and spends quality time with her family. She is now happy and content with her life together with the inspiration and support of her family and friends.

Shiela (600 x 600) B&W
Fun Facts About Shiela
Position: Virtual Accountant
Loves: I love my family and friends, traveling, eating, decorating, watching horror and action movies
Favorite Movie: Peter Pan
Favorite Color: Pink and Red
Favorite Food: Chocolate, Salad and Desserts
Favorite Musical Artists: Taylor Swift and Morissette Amon

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