Samantha Scharf

At fourteen years of age, this job at Catching Clouds is Samantha’s first. She is currently a freshman in high school. The second child of the founders of Catching Clouds, Samantha gets to start her internship in the most amazing way possible - by meeting with ecommerce and accounting technology movers and shakers throughout New Zealand and Australia, and most importantly, by writing a travel blog documenting the journey.

Samantha thoroughly enjoys both travelling and writing, so the opportunity to do both at the same time is a great one. Samantha’s blog will be for those who would like to follow along with these three on their adventure (four in the beginning, before Patrick  goes back to college). She plans to cover local cuisine, the sights, must do’s and of course, the cloud and ecommerce accounting world. (And as a bonus, she may even occasionally share excerpts from stories she may write.)

Fun Facts About Samantha
Fun Facts About Samantha
Position: Intern 
Loves: Reading, writing, drawing, sleeping, food, traveling, etc.
Favorite Movie: Silence of the Lambs (it's psychological, not horror - hate horror)
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Favorite Food: Ice cream but not those weird flavors like pistachio or peanut butter and jelly (why would they turn that into ice cream?)
Favorite Musical Artists: Panic at the Disco and about a million others

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