At eighteen years of age, this job at Catching Clouds is Patrick’s first. He is currently a junior at Colorado School of Mines. The eldest child of the founders of Catching Clouds, Patrick was lucky to get the job without a formal background check.

Patrick has a very unique sense of humor in line with his hobbies involving breaking the fourth wall, math jokes, deja vu jokes, paradoxes, geometry jokes, obscurity jokes, telling everyone within earshot to switch to the dozenal system, deja vu jokes, referring to himself in the third person, use of the paren (singular of parentheses), and of course, ironically bad jokes. Patrick loves incorporating comedy and science into everything he does, no matter how much the people around him groan. For example, rather than being a normal bio, this mishmash of text is actually one big joke, with so many layers of irony that it’s difficult to tell what’s serious and what isn’t. 

Patrick is very happy to be using his programming skills in a useful way (for once) as he simultaneously works on his computer science major and math minor in college.

Fun Facts About Patrick
Fun Facts About Patrick
Position: Intern (I wanted Larval Semi-Employee, but Intern is okay too…)
Loves: Playing video games, solving math problems, programming, deja vu jokes
Favorite Movie: Donnie Darko
Favorite Color: Navy blue
Favorite Food: Salted caramel ice cream.
Favorite Musical Artists: Muse, among others

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