Ever since Louie was a kid, he had a passion for numbers. That helped him with life decisions that led him to become who he is today.

Louie's dream was to become a math teacher but that all changed while he was in college. He finished his degree in Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology at the University of Mindanao in the Philippines. After graduating he pursued the degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. He is still working on his dreams of becoming a CPA.

Now, he is a part of the Catching Clouds team and is taking a new road of applying the theories, knowledge, and principles he obtained in college.

He spends his spare time watching drama series, animated tv series, reading fantasy novels, and listening to music. He also enjoys photography. Traveling, going to new places, and taking photos of beautiful sceneries satisfies his old soul.

Louie Baby (600 x 600)
Fun Facts About Louie
Position: Virtual Accountant
Loves: Watching drama series, Japanese animated series, reading fantasy and adventure books, reading comics, listening to music, playing computer games, going to art galleries and museums, and psychology.
Favorite Movie: Parasite and The Dark Knight Rises
Favorite Color: Purple, Blue, and Pink
Favorite Food: Seafood and all types of cheese
Favorite Musical Artists: BTS, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran

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