Jessy Ellefson

I am originally from South Dakota. My mother was a land title contractor and her position ended up moving us to Montana and then later to the Portland area, where I graduated high school. I developed an interest in numbers and accounting while in high school. I so enjoyed the courses that were offered, that I used all of my electives to take business courses. I was given a major in business award my senior year. I was also awarded 3 scholarships to begin my accounting degree at the University of Washington. My family ended up returning to Montana, where I began my studies in accounting. I began doing taxes for friends and family at the age of 18.

My studies were put on hold when I began a family. After my children were older, I began a job in operations for a large telecommunications company. After years of being in operation management, I decided that I missed working with numbers and returned to college to complete my degree.

After graduation, I was offered a position as a bookkeeper for a former employee and friend. I worked as a contractor, under my own business name. I began picking up other small businesses to assist them with their bookkeeping needs. Most recently, I have worked with a company that owns several hotels. I have discovered that marketing is not my forte and found the task of finding new clients daunting. I am very excited to work with a growing company that focuses on new technology and a paperless office.

I have lived in Colorado, off and on, for 10 years and enjoy the many opportunities that are available in the area.

Fun Facts About Jessy
Fun Facts About Jessy
Position: Ecommerce Accountant
Loves: Spending time with family, camping, attending concerts
Favorite Movie:There are too many to list! Walk The Line is one of the top ones.
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Musical Artists: Eagles, Bonnie Raitt, Zach Brown Band

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