When Ivylenn was a high school student, she dreamed of becoming a public school teacher. But when the time of college enrollment arrived, without thinking rationally, she signed up for an accountancy degree. She thought that she would not survive the course and would end up shifting to another course after the first semester. But as she took up the course she eventually loved accounting and got her Bachelor's degree in Accountancy in December of 2019.

After graduation, she joined Catching Clouds as her first full-time job. She was astonished when she learned new accounting software and how fun accounting work is with the integration of technology.

She loves spending her free time watching movies and taking road trips.

Ivylenn (600 x 600)
Fun Facts About Ivylenn
Position: Virtual Accountant
Loves: Watching movies, reading novels, being with my pets, hanging out with my favorite people
Favorite Movie: Sherlock Holmes
Favorite Color: Red and Black
Favorite Food: Pinakbet (A filipino cuisine)
Favorite Musical Artists: Hayley Williams, Taylor Swift, Adele

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