Hamima is living in a small town in the Philippines. She’s a friendly, sweet and loving person. Her friends say she is always the happy pill to everyone. At a young age, she nurtured her passion in arts. She loves to learn different things and discover more about what the world may offer.

She finished her degree in Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology at the University of Mindanao. Few months after her graduation, she continued her studies to pursue her dream, to be a Certified Public Accountant. However, she put this on hold and opted to get a job.

In January 2019 she was hired as an account specialist, where her career began. She was trained and exposed to different accounting software. She is enthusiastic to share her knowledge in her chosen field.

Hamima (600 x 600) B&W
Fun Facts About Hamima
Position: Virtual Accountant
Loves: Reading novels, watching movies and animated series
Favorite Movie: Letters to Juliet
Favorite Color: Blue and Mustard
Favorite Food: Anything beef
Favorite Musical Artists:Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, One Direction

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