Chris Morrison
Chris studied accounting at CU Boulder where he graduated with a Masters in Accounting in 2005. While at CU, Chris was a TA for the Accounting 101 class, a role that allowed him to educate and support burgeoning accounting students. This remains a core value for Chris, and one he enjoys sharing with the teams that he has worked with during his career.  
Chris began his career with Deloitte where he worked in the audit practice for 5 years before joining the private sector. Chris has worked with a broad range of companies from Energy, Extraction, Manufacturing, and Financial Services across a variety of roles and functions including Controller, Internal Audit, Consulting and Marketing. Chris has also owned and run a small business and is excited to share his entrepreneurial spirit with the Catching Clouds team and clients.
Chris moved from Maryland where he grew up to Colorado to attend CU in 1998 and has enjoyed the big mountains of the West ever since.  

CPA – Certified Public Accountant (Colorado License #0025594, Exp 11/30/19)

Chris Baby
Fun Facts About Chris
Position: Ecommerce Controller
Loves:  Family, friends, skiing, overnight raft trips, coaching, sci fi movies & books, cooking
Favorite Movie:  This is a tough one, so I'll have to group several into one: the Star Wars Canon (if you twist my arm to pick just one it has to be Empire)
Favorite Color:  Much easier to choose than movies: Blue
Favorite Food: Another hard one that I have to give multiple answers for: Duck Confit, Fresh berries, cheese, fresh baked sourdough, risotto, creme brulee, salted caramel gelato, fresh seafood
Favorite Musical Artists:  Pearl Jam, The War on Drugs, Arcade Fire, Jason Isbell, Beatles, Rolling Stones

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