Cheryl Earnest

Cheryl is a Colorado native who fell in love with accounting after taking an accounting class in high school. Unlike many young people, she knew exactly what she wanted to major in when she began to attend the University of Colorado at Denver. She did the bookkeeping and payroll for her father’s company while attending college, and her love of numbers continued to grow.

After graduation she worked for a few of the larger local CPA firms in the Denver area. She started out working on bookkeeping clients and payroll, and then added tax to her wheelhouse. Once she developed a love of all things tax, she followed up her experience with a Masters in Tax from the DU Law School. One of her favorite things about public accounting was working with a variety of small business clients, and helping them with their accounting and business needs. Knowing how much they relied on her and how much she was able to help them was one of the keys to her happiness as an accounting professional.

Over time Cheryl decided that she’d like to see how the “other half” of accounting professionals worked, so she left public accounting and went to work as a controller of a large local architectural firm. She became an integral part of the management of the company, and the three shareholders relied on her to take care of every aspect of their accounting. This included financial statement preparation, budgeting, payroll, HR, 401k administration, project management and anything else numbers related. As technology progressed, Cheryl became able to run the accounting of the company remotely.

Cheryl is excited to continue to learn to use technology in new ways to assist her clients. She absolutely loves using it to make bookkeeping easier for both the bookkeepers and the clients, and to allow business owners the opportunity to access quick, up to date information.

CPA – Certified Public Accountant (Colo License #12815, Exp 11/30/21)

Fun Facts About Cheryl
Fun Facts About Cheryl
Position: Ecommerce Controller
Loves: Rescuing shelter dogs, her family and dogs, being in the mountains, golfing, skiing, hiking, reading
Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans
Favorite Color: Hot pink
Favorite Food: Pretty much anything Mexican
Favorite Musical Artists: Pink, Lady Gaga

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