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It’s the counseling I get with them and the guidance and advice. That’s been the extra value equation to working with Catching Clouds. It’s not just robots working in the background. They understand my day-to-day business.
— Ryan Pinke, Video Conference Gear
Catching Clouds is professional, precise, and exactly what you need if you’re looking for a clean and efficient way to handle your books, so that you can spend more time focusing on the other aspects of your business. Their experience and guidance has helped me drive my e-commerce business to an entirely new level. Not only are they my own team of accountants, they are who I turn to when I need answers, and nothing beats the feeling of having such an important part of your business in the hands of people you trust.
— Leah Maxwell,
As a small business owner I need to focus on growing my business, not tedious back-end accounting, paying bills, wasting time trying to figure out QuickBooks and dealing with other business issues I simply don’t have to time to deal with (or learn). With Catching Clouds my business is booming. I’m doing what I’m an expert at while Catching Clouds is doing what they’re experts at. As any successful entrepreneur knows, surround yourself with talent, with Catching Clouds I have!
— Ty Hurd, T&S Electronics
Catching Clouds has been an excellent partner to work with. They are always reachable and prompt with their responses, sometimes instantly! They integrate well with our company and team and hardly notice that they are there doing some of the mundane work that we business owners aren’t fond of dealing with. I highly recommend them.
— Jamie Miralles,
We at spidertracks have been using Catching Clouds for our US bookkeeping needs for nearly a year now, and the ease with which our books are now kept in order and up to date is fantastic! Patti, Scott and the team have freed us from bookkeeping to focus on the things we really should be doing – connecting with customers and providing great products and services. Thanks!
— James McCarthy,
There may come a day when our business is large enough that we have our own CFO and accounting team, but until then we will enthusiastically rely on Catching Clouds as our virtual accounting department. They know their business, they understand what we need to run our business, and they’re terrific to work with.
— Jacob Smith,
In June of 2015, we made the decision to transition our Amazon business from Vendor Central to Seller FBA. Not only are we more profitable with Seller FBA, but we can control our own pricing and our listing content.

We were introduced to Scott at Catching Clouds to discuss the ins and outs of Seller FBA. Scott informed us that moving to Seller FBA triggered sales tax nexus in all of the states where Amazon has a distribution center. We quickly made the decision to hire Catching Clouds since we did not want to deal with the headache of sales taxes.

After several years working for high growth businesses, I could tell that Catching Clouds knew their stuff. Not only have they handled the sales tax filings, but they have taken over the day to day accounting function so our small and might team can focus on growing our business. They are a true partner!
— Caroline Portis, Co-Founder, CFO and COO of The QuickZip Sheet Company
For years, our adventure travel business has been making do with in-house bookkeepers, both part-time (ineffective) and full-time (expensive AND ineffective). I knew there had to be a better way, so I launched a serious search for a virtual bookkeeping service that could bring the latest in accounting practices and technology to bear on this deceptively complex little business.

Finding Catching Clouds was a real eureka moment. As I got to know Scott and Patti and understood the breadth of their knowledge of both accounting AND technology, it was a no-brainer. Untangling and migrating our messy assortment of old systems and processes over to their completely online suite of solutions was no picnic, but they did it cheerfully and surprisingly quickly. Today, I don’t worry about things slipping through the cracks, missing filing deadlines, getting payroll done, prepping for tax time… It all just happens — without the usual drama. It’s a huge load off my mind, we’re saving money, and I’ve gained an astute business partner to help me run my business.
— Dan Wulfman,
Working with Patti, Scott and the Catching Clouds team has been an eCommerce accounting dream come true. Not only are they experts at what they do, they’re super accessible and always available to answer questions, offer insights, and generally give peace of mind to the harried business owner. Most importantly, they truly care about the clients they work with and about the wellbeing of their companies. I can’t recommend Catching Clouds enough - they’re nothing short of miraculous!
— Liz Wasserman,