Scott Scharf, Co-Founder & Chief Ecommerce Geek

Scott Scharf, Co-Founder & Chief Ecommerce Geek

Scott started Catching Clouds because he is passionate about leveraging technology to solve business challenges and remove barriers to success. He focuses on identifying process improvements then the best technical and accounting solutions for our customers. He has been designing new products and solutions for customers for his almost three-decade career in technology and will provide strategic technical advisor services to business owners.

Scott started playing with computers when he was only 5 years old, at a time when computer systems filled up entire rooms. He learned to program on the very first Apple systems and helped his entrepreneurial father in the creation of TellStar, the first graphical astronomy program ever available for personal computers. Realizing his passion early, his entire professional career has been dedicated to technology.

Scott does not believe in technology for technology’s sake, but rather believes that technology exists to empower people. He likes the combination of complex systems and simple applications used to optimize a process and improve productivity. It’s rewarding to get deeply involved in the process, and he quickly and easily becomes an expert in all systems with which he’s involved. He enjoys figuring out how to use technology to make people’s lives better.

More than anything, Scott likes focusing on a culture of change. He enjoys the fast-paced changing tech environment but likes to find ways to help people adapt, streamline, and incorporate the tools available in the world around them on an ongoing basis, as opposed to performing a massive overhaul of their systems every three to five years.

Scott has spent many years in the corporate scene but generally finds large companies to be inefficient, slow, and much too bureaucratic. In today’s market, small and medium-size businesses can nimbly compete with the big players. Technology has become more accessible, scalable, and small companies can get more done with a lot less red tape. Scott is an entrepreneur at heart, and this new tech landscape has prompted him to break out of the corporate world and reclaim his passion as a direct consultant.

Owning his own business allows Scott plenty of time with his family, including sharing his professional endeavors with his wife, Patti, who actively participates in Catching Clouds as the leader of the accounting side of the business. Scott’s free time is usually spent wrestling with his two amazing kids, hiking with the family dog, reading Sci Fi books, or absorbing the latest tech magazines.

Fun Facts About Scott

Position: Co-Founder, Chief Ecommerce Geek

Loves: TEDTalks, new technology, Sci Fi books, making his kids giggle, hiking, emergency prep

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Fudge

Favorite Musical Artists: Annie Lennox, Sarah MacLachlan