Ah.  The elephant in the room.  How much does this cost?

As much as we would love to put up a simple grid showing the number of transactions leading to a set price, online businesses are not made with a cookie cutter.  Every business sells a different number of SKUs using a different number of channels with different volume levels.  Your reporting needs also vary.  You may care more about cash flow whereas someone else might care more about profitability by SKU, and someone else cares more about inventory management.  

The long and short of it is that we can't fit you into a box.  

So instead of a three-price option that doesn't give you everything you need, we approach every client as the unique business they are, take time to learn about your needs, make sure our services fit within your budget, and provide a quote based on your specific situation.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when determining whether or not you should outsource your accounting (to anyone):

We are an IT-backoffice-accounting-bookkeeping-consulting service.

We are much more than a traditional bookkeeping service.  

Think of us more as a complete high-tech accounting department.  We include anything necessary to get you a clean set of accounting records and books on modern cloud accounting systems.  Once we get your books converted, systems set up, and books cleaned up, we collect all documentation and do all your recordkeeping, advise on possible accounting or technology concerns, and provide tech guidance as your business grows and morphs.  So we are an IT-backoffice-accounting-bookkeeping-consulting service.  But there's not really a name for that yet.  If you come up with one, let us know.

So when you're deciding whether or not to outsource, make sure you're comparing apples to apples and that you're getting all the resources you need, preferably without having to get four different people to coordinate to make it happen.  

You might not be big enough yet.

Our service makes the most sense for online businesses who have already reached a basic level of success (typically $50K+ of sales per month minimum) and are ready to take their business to the next level.  

We do love startup businesses and want to help all growing businesses succeed.  However, if you are below $50K per month, you should be putting all your available cash into inventory or marketing.  We know you might hate accounting or fulfillment, but we recommend that you put off that outsourced warehouse or outsourced accounting just a little longer until your business is ready to support the investment.  Please check out our blog for tips.

We provide the tools and support.

Our services include not only the ongoing accounting but also the monthly subscription cost for the cloud tools, and we also provide the tech support related to those tools.  We know what tools to use, how to identify if something glitches, and we work directly with the accounting technology vendors to resolve IT issues to keep things running smoothly.  Most of our clients don't even know if or when things go wrong because we take care of the problems as part of our standard daily process.  

We are recognized thought leaders in the accounting technology world.

We work hard to make accounting technology better for you.

We are recognized thought leaders in the accounting technology world, and we work really hard to make accounting and ecommerce technology better for everyone, starting with our clients.  We are constantly testing new products, providing feedback to dozens of vendors, and making introductions between vendors to help them create ecosystems that make accounting cleaner, easier, and better.  

Oh yeah, and we don't bill by the hour.

We understand that you want a set monthly price and don't want us to charge you hourly if a tool glitches and creates a lot of extra work with no additional value for you.  We offer a fair, agreed-upon price before any work begins, and you don't get any surprises along the way.

If you feel like maybe we are what you've been looking for, let's chat.