No, we don't offer pre-packaged plans.

We are asked, pretty much daily, how our pricing works.  It’s easy.  It’s a customized quote for each prospective customer based on that customer’s needs.  Shortly after that, the potential customer will mention that they’ve seen fixed pricing listed on other cloud accountants’ websites and then ask why we don’t do that.

We don't do cookie cutter solutions.

Even in the ecommerce world, businesses are unique.  Everyone sells different products through different channels and cares about slightly different things.  Some business owners care most about profitability by SKU, some care most about cash flow, some care most about managing purchase orders, and some care most about sales tax liability. 

We don’t try to fit you into a standardized box.  We work to solve your pain points.  As such, each solution is customized to each individual business, and that means we use different tools for different customers.

Because our pricing includes the cost of many different cloud tools, we don’t want to overcharge you for tools you’re not using, and we obviously don’t want to put ourselves out of business by undercharging.  So we provide a custom quote for each customer based on individual needs.

We are not just a bookkeeping service, we are your accounting department.

If you speak with the other cloud accountants, make sure you ask what services are included with their service.  Some firms will set up your accounting but expect you to do the daily recordkeeping and reconciliations.  Sometimes they will do all the work, but the plan will include service just once a month (i.e., your books are outdated throughout the month until they get to your account at the end of the month.  This eliminates the whole point of cloud accounting, in our opinion.  If you require any type of setup or integration with other add-ons, they either (most likely) don’t offer it or they will come back with a customized quote themselves.  If you are a do-it-yourself business, and that appeals to you, that could be a really great way for you to go.  

When we first started our business, our goal was to get entrepreneurs focused on growing their business and outsourcing more mundane tasks.  We considered offering set package options to our clients based on how much interaction we offered our customers and so on, but we quickly dismissed it.  That’s just not how we work.  We are here to help you run your business effectively, and we can’t do that if we’re telling you that you only have access to us once a month or quarter.  That’s lame.  So we don’t do it.   

Similarly, we are a full service accounting department and do a ton of back office heavy lifting.  That means that you will see us paying bills, recording deposits, filing documents, processing payroll, filing sales tax returns, and everything in between.  Sometimes we will even call suppliers and other vendors directly to address point billing issues.  Packaged pricing does not allow for that, and you certainly won’t get it from other cloud accountants without a customized quote.