The History of Catching Clouds

Our Founding Catching Clouds Team (including future entrepreneurs, Patrick & Samantha)

Our Founding Catching Clouds Team (including future entrepreneurs, Patrick & Samantha)

In the fall of 2009, as Patti Scharf was in the middle of another tax busy season, she became frustrated with her phone. It was a new smartphone that kept losing her contacts despite her sophisticated level of tech understanding. Controlling her impulse to chuck it out of her second story window, she marched down to her husband’s home office (a professional IT guru for 25+ years) and asked him to simply make it work. She didn’t have time to troubleshoot her possessed phone… she had a business to run.

When she returned to her desk, she thought about all of the small businesses who were held captive by the drudgery of essential but non-profitable tasks such as IT and accounting. Most were not lucky enough to have the expertise that lived under her roof, a useful blend of accounting prowess and IT smarts. That spark was fueled over the next year or two by the emerging cloud accounting technology tools that were hitting the scene.

By the end of the next tax season, it became obvious that despite technology growing by leaps and bounds, entrepreneurs were no closer to understanding their financial information – or even having accurate or current financial information. Many business owners were not getting a complete picture of their profitability for 2009 until the fall of 2010. That’s no way to make good, strategic, or nimble business decisions.

There had to be a better way.

And they knew they could help.

Scott and Patti started devoting all their spare time to researching cloud accounting tools, and by the end of 2011, Catching Clouds was officially born. In 2012 Patti handed off her tax practice to a colleague, Scott left his IT job, and they both dove into the business full-time.