Monica Lewandowski, Ecommerce Tech Sniper

Monica Lewandowski, Ecommerce Tech Sniper

Monica is a Colorado Native, first generation American, and is no stranger to breaking conventions the way Catching Clouds is doing within ecommerce through their innovative financial services offerings. Monica earned two degrees in 2011 from Metropolitan State University of Denver as one of the earliest graduates of the individualized degree program. Her degrees are Digital Media & Human Relations and Speech Communications Broadcast Performance. Upon graduating, she found herself working for her first startup and has been embedded within the tech scene ever since.

Her functions within the lean startup environment have evolved alongside ever changing technologies and markets. Working with teams internally to support the sales efforts, on-boarding clients and offering customer support are just a few of the many ways she has contributed her skills towards building a well oiled organization. Monica enjoys finding ways to improve upon processes, collaborating with smart people and most importantly making clients happy. Some of her favorite projects have been creating video tutorials for clients in order to provide them with training resources they could access 24/7. Monica appreciates working in an environment where people are passionate about their visions and this is why she is so excited to be a part of the Catching Clouds team. 

Her own enthusiasm for technology includes but is not limited to taking apart her Mac, replacing the hard drive, sata cable, heat syncing elements and removing the optical drive to make room for an additional solid state hard drive. She once took her iPhone apart and put it back together to replace a cracked screen, but enjoyed that process much less. She is the “go-to” amongst her friends when their computers crash or they need special software installed. Monica is always looking for ways to implement technology that promises to make her life easier and share the results with her friends and colleagues. 

Outside of career, as a third generation green thumb, Monica enjoys creating sustainable systems for growing food utilizing various organic farming principles. She enjoys spending time in the Colorado mountains where you will find her biking from town to town, soaking in one of the many hot springs she frequents, hiking amongst the wildflowers and aspen groves and appreciating the majesty of her surroundings.

Fun Facts About Monica

Ecommerce Tech Sniper

Loves: Biking, Hiking, Hotsprings, Reading, Writing, Gardening and Travel

Favorite Movies: Last of The Mohicans

Favorite Colors: Turquoise stone against a backdrop of a rusty canyon wall one might witness while road tripping through the Southwest

Favorite Food:  Sushi

Favorite Musical Artists: Pandora has revolutionized music for me. I now listen to an incredibly eclectic collection of music and genres which I didn’t even know existed a few years ago. The bands currently in my rotation are Funky Fat, Rufus Du Sol, The Avener, Fat Freddys Drop, Andreya Triana and Bonobo.