Conrad Rohleder, Ecommerce Tech Sniper

Conrad Rohleder, Ecommerce Tech Sniper

Conrad grew up on a small bison ranch in Colorado as the oldest of three boys, wearing whatever hat was needed at that moment. Someone to cut down trees? Check. Cook dinner? Sure thing. Wrangle the bison that just got out? He’d do it on foot. Do all that while balancing a budget? Can do.

Conrad took this “can-do” attitude with him to college. He received a (full ride) Daniels Fund Scholarship that sent him to Colorado School of Mines, where he majored in Chemical Engineering. Math, science, and critical thinking came naturally to him, and he wanted a degree that could reflect his multidisciplinary approach.

Conrad recently fell out of the hard engineering sciences as he began to remember his love for business – in hopes of preparing to own his own business soon. With his lovely wife as an accountant and his desire to be immersed in an entrepreneurial world, Catching Clouds seems to be the perfect fit.

While Conrad has been hired as Tech Support, he is an admitted luddite in his personal life. He has built servers from the components up, is self-educated in Linux, and can tease out answers from atomistic computational chemistry models (his research from the Colorado School of Mines), but he prefers a quiet swath of open field or forest if given the choice. Conrad enjoys navigating the paradoxes of modern life and looks forward to the empowerment of people via technology. Or nature. Or whatever works best at the time.

Fun Facts About Conrad

Ecommerce Tech Sniper (The “Have you shut it off and turned it back on?” Guy)

Loves: His wife, his 8-lb Jack Russell Terrier, ranch work, HIIT and strength-based workouts, reading, eternal education, saving money, woodworking, and balance in a fast-paced modern world.

Favorite Movies: Any movie I can watch for the first time – but the book was better!

Favorite Colors: The electric blue found only in the sunrise of early summer in Colorado, as it contrasts against the soft pinks of a few wandering clouds on the eastern horizon.

Favorite Food:  All of it.

Favorite Musical Artists: Composers of the Classical and Romantic eras.