Why We Don't Offer Training

We receive calls every month from people asking us if we would be willing to clean up their books and migrate them to Xero so they can start fresh on a new accounting system.  However, unless they are interested in ongoing cloud accounting services, we don’t provide this service.

The reason is simple.  Our mission is to make businesses better.  And we’re not making businesses better by enabling owners to continue being bookkeepers in their own companies.  Business owners shouldn’t be bookkeepers unless accounting is their business (and even then, they should probably delegate it to someone else).

Just the other day I saw this awesome tweet from DeepSky.  

Business owners should be focused on improving the value of their company by developing products, improving sales, and building relationships.  They should be doing whatever it is they do best so they can grow their business.  They should not be spending their time digging through receipts and reconciling their books. 

Yes, we could clean up their books and show them how to use Xero.  We’re really good at it.  But that’s not going to help them make their businesses better, so we don’t do it.