| How Do I Build a Cloud Accounting Firm?

For those who aren't familiar, The Sleeter Group, is a unique entity in the accounting technology world.  To steal a little from their site, 

"The Sleeter Group (@SleeterGroup) is dedicated to helping accountants and small businesses work together by using the most innovative and tested tools/systems to generate greater efficiencies and higher profits. We represent an independent view, separate from any particular company or product, and we evaluate solutions based solely on how they meet the demands of small business owners."

I'm proud to have been invited to begin blogging for The Sleeter Group, and you'll start seeing some regular posts from me that are for the benefit of other accountants looking to navigate the cloud accounting technology world.

Please check out my first one titled "How Do I Build a Cloud Accounting Firm?"

[EDITED:  Read all the way down.  It got quite a few comments at the end.  :o)]