Happy New Year

The 2012 year is now behind us, and 2013 is ahead.

CPAs are busy loading updated tax software onto their systems (except this year since it hasn’t been released yet due to the delays in tax law), and it’s time for small businesses to start getting their books in order and sending out Forms W-2 and 1099 and other annual filings.

This is one of the best times for our customers because they don’t need to scramble around looking for receipts… their receipts are already safely tucked away in cloud storage, and their books are already up to date.  Books for the year will likely be closed before 2012 tax laws are even finalized.

It’s also a great time for our customers’ tax advisors and preparers.  Because our customers’ records are already in order, that means no last minute filings for them… they can work on their returns early in the season before they get slammed with work from the less organized crowd.  And of course, if they have questions, we are here to answer their questions, and they know we understand what they’re asking.

It’s a happy new year for all!