Down with Hourly Rates!

Working with us is a little different from working with most service firms.

We do not have hourly rates.  That’s because you’re not paying for our time; you’re paying for results.

That may seem a little unusual for a professional service firm, but that’s because we aren’t an ordinary professional service firm.  We are a professional knowledge firm, and our goal is to share our knowledge with you.  We strongly believe that by creating amazing results for your company, we can grow together… at a price that provides value to you.

We believe that billing by the hour has the potential for creating an adversarial relationship with you by making you afraid to call with questions for fear of increasing your costs.  Your attempt at keeping your costs low by not calling, however, can often do you more harm than good.  So we have simply taken that scenario out of the equation.

We will listen to you and provide you with different service and pricing options that will not only satisfy your needs but will also give you complete control over your budget.

You will always know the price of the agreed-upon services before you pay a single dime.

Please enjoy this short video created by Greg Kyte which exemplifies why we don’t use billable hours.