Sometimes we use affiliate links.  What does that mean?  It means that if we've used a product or service and liked it, and that product or service has an affiliate program, we sign up for it.  Then, when we mention that product or service in one of our blog posts or elsewhere on our site, we link to it using our affiliate link.  Should you end up buying something as a result of one of those links, we might get a little pocket change as a result.

Not all links have a financial incentive, and frankly, even the ones that do are not much of an incentive as they typically barely cover the cost to take our kiddos out for ice cream.  Our point is that this is not a big money maker for us, and for those who know us, they know we would rather poke ourselves in the eye with a sharp stick than risk tarnishing our good reputation by referring a crappy product or service regardless of any financial incentives.  That would be lame.  

Unfortunately, the FTC isn't quite sure that you are savvy enough to understand affiliate links, so we are happy to bring them to your attention so everything is out in the open and clear.  We are perfectly comfortable accepting a little money for referring a product or service that we enjoy, but if you are opposed to our daughter getting a free chocolate ice cream cone for this effort, by all means, feel free not to click on the affiliate links.