Meet our team of ecommerce controllers, accountants, cloud gurus, and tech geeks.   Click on our photos to see what we've been up to since these pictures were taken.

The History of Catching Clouds

Our Founding Catching Clouds Team (including future entrepreneurs, Patrick & Samantha)

Our Founding Catching Clouds Team (including future entrepreneurs, Patrick & Samantha)

In the fall of 2009, as Patti Scharf was in the middle of another tax busy season, she became frustrated with her phone. It was a new smartphone that kept losing her contacts despite her sophisticated level of tech understanding. Controlling her impulse to chuck it out of her second story window, she marched down to her husband’s home office (a professional IT guru for 25+ years) and asked him to simply make it work. She didn’t have time to troubleshoot her possessed phone… she had a business to run.

When she returned to her desk, she thought about all of the small businesses who were held captive by the drudgery of essential but non-profitable tasks such as IT and accounting. Most were not lucky enough to have the expertise that lived under her roof, a useful blend of accounting prowess and IT smarts. That spark was fueled over the next year or two by the emerging cloud accounting technology tools that were hitting the scene.

By the end of the next tax season, it became obvious that despite technology growing by leaps and bounds, entrepreneurs were no closer to understanding their financial information – or even having accurate or current financial information. Many business owners were not getting a complete picture of their profitability for 2009 until the fall of 2010. That’s no way to make good, strategic, or nimble business decisions.

There had to be a better way.

And they knew they could help.

Scott and Patti started devoting all their spare time to researching cloud accounting tools, and by the end of 2011, Catching Clouds was officially born. In 2012 Patti handed off her tax practice to a colleague, Scott left his IT job, and they both dove into the business full-time.

Something Different

We’re not quite a bookkeeping service, not quite an IT firm, and not quite a CPA firm. We’re something different.

The world feels like it’s spinning faster now than ever before, and business owners are expected to keep up with it.  You don’t have time to keep your own books, and you don’t have time to wait a month or two for your bookkeeper to catch up with the backlog.  You have business decisions to make, and you need good information. 

Now.  Wherever you are.

As cloud accounting technology experts, we have created a custom virtual accounting department for each of our ecommerce customers. We provide cloud accounting tools to capture your information on a daily basis, virtual bookkeepers to review and track that information, and a virtual controller to oversee the entire process, monitor your finances, and provide guidance so you can make educated business decisions.

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We Start in the Cloud.

We recommend cloud technologies so our customers have the ability to effectively collaborate with all of their team members no matter where they are.   The cloud allows your business to be dynamic, nimble, and compete effectively.    Once your business is in the cloud, you can scale up or down to meet your goals and adapt to market conditions.

We are very aware of both the benefits and the risks of moving your data and business to the cloud.  We are ready to have an in-depth conversation about the cloud and how it can benefit your business.

We Are Part of Your Team

We treat your business like our business.

We are focused on improving your business and will work with you to develop your financial strategy and identify the forward-looking business metrics most important to your business.

We are also constantly looking for cost savings and business process improvements for your business.  We will actively look for processes, technology, and new services to benefit and enhance your business.  By finding the best balance of services, we can help you minimize your back-office time and let you get back to focusing on your business goals.

We Touch Your Books Daily

We update your accounting information every single day.  We actively look for bills to pay and invoices to send and generally track your finances as if the books were our own.

We are your complete accounting department and are available when emergencies hit, saving you time and money by helping avoid overdrafts, missed payments, slow billings, and missed business opportunities.

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We Do Not Bill by the Hour

We are focused on the value we deliver to your business not the hours that we are billing.  We will work with you to determine the value any service is bringing to your business and adapt our services to meet your business needs.  All of our services will be based on a fixed monthly price agreement, so you will know the price before any work starts.

Feel free to read our blog about why we use fixed pricing.

We Are Not a CPA Firm

Although our virtual controllers may be CPAs, we are not a CPA firm.  Our focus is on helping you effectively run your business anytime and anywhere.  That leaves little time for staying on top of new tax regulations, so we leave that responsibility to other professionals who specialize in that.

Here is what our company doesn’t do:

• Prepare your taxes – However, we will act as a liaison with your tax advisor to make sure your tax returns are completed efficiently and affordably.  We will ensure any tax strategies are effectively implemented, ensure that your business data is complete, accurate, and up-to-date.  Your tax advisor provides the strategy, and we help you get it done.

• Audits, reviews and compilations – Catching Clouds is not a CPA firm and therefore does not provide these attest services.  However, we can provide others secure access to your data.  We can also help you structure your accounting process to retain information necessary in a review or audit to help minimize the time and related costs.  We consider ourselves as part of your team and can help you identify a CPA who can help you with these specific attest services.